Subject: Re: Pike's Market info

thanks for your ideas - the market is at first avenue and pike, downtown seattle. seattle grids (first avenue , second, third and on) from west to east. so the market is at the wetern edge of the retail core of the city smack downtown - hard to miss.

- hours 10am to 5 pm (best time to visit for me is early in the morning watching the day stalls set up (7:30 for farmers - 9 to 9:30 for craftspeople) Also the best coffee is served at the market (the original starbucks shop, sbc coffee, etc. so with coffee in hand explore.

the lower levels open later. in the off season many shops are lax as to opening so it's best to visit them on the weekend. great stuff great buys. come to the market for a specific purpose. to buy antiques, vege's, fish or artwork. and come to buy rather than shop. you will be amazed at the deals you can make. remember there are at least 8 fresh vege outlets plus natural born farmers so the vege's are some of the best you will find anywhere in the country. late afternoon is a good time to shop - around 4:30.

- the market is a collection of mom and pop shops so sunday is the traditional day of rest so expect a lot of shops to be closed. the craftspeople will be their normally. (this is the off season.)

- farmers are definitely seasonal to their growing seasons (winter crops etc.), lower level shops (as mentioned) are open usually on the weekends.